Upcoming Events at Q Cigar Room

About Casa De Q

Casa Turrent, the Mexican cigar maker and tobacco grower, will be joining us for a one-of-a-kind mexican brunch here at Q Cigar Room this September. Alejandro Turrent himself will be on site joining us for this event, which features a buffet and an open “Mexican” bar featuring Tequila, Mezcal, and a Mexican Beer assortment.

Limited spots available!

Tickets Include:

Basic Ticket:

  • – Mexican Buffet
  • – Open Bar
  • – 2 Casa Turrent Cigars

Premium Ticket:

  • – Mexican Buffet
  • – Open Bar
  • – 3 Casa Turrent Cigars
  • – 3 Premium Drink Tickets (1942 Don Julio, etc.)


When: Sunday September 11, 2022 from 11am – 3pm

Where: Q Cigar Room


Limited seats are available for this Q exclusive event.



About Casa Turrent

Turrent cigars are known for their creation of more than a few brands which have been recognised as ‘exceptional’ and 90+ rated by reputable cigar publications. The brand is respected worldwide due to the great quality of the Mexican tobacco used on top of a great understanding of blending taste and strength. To achieve such a reputation in the cigar industry takes time, however. Turrent has been building their reputation for over a century through five generations.

In the beginning, the Turrent family grew less than one percent of the amount of tobacco that they cultivate nowadays on their 2000 acre estate. Before the production of the Family’s own A. Turrent cigars, the tobacco was mainly used as wrapper leaf for various notable brands such as Montecristo, Padron and Macanudo to name but a few. The Turrent’s specially engineered San Adres Morron Maduro wrapper leaf is almost universally regarded as one of the finest wrapper in the world today.

Meet Alejandro Turrent

Today, Alejandro Turrent is the president of Casa Turrent cigars. A title handed down to him by his father, Alberto Turrent IV, who came after the first three. Alejandro’s first mission in the cigar industry was a somewhat informal one. While getting educated in Monterrey, the young aficionado was shocked by the lack of cigar connoisseurship in the area. On his own accord, he began visiting local shops, salesmen and merchants to teach them as to the pleasures of a fine cigar. Business has been booming in the area ever since!

After graduation, Alejandro began to work his father’s factory where he discovered the intricate details and family secrets behind every facet of cigar production and tobacco cultivation. From the nurturing of the tiny little seedlings to the final rolling process of a thick cigar.

Nowadays, the middle aged president of Casa Turrent cigars is one of his generations most respected young cigar makers. His addition to the company is innovation. After years of following tradition, Alejandro is taking the company in a new direction, whilst following the consolation of his family of course. Some of Casa Turrent’s latest cigar series are evidence of Alejandro’s creativity.

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